Our Commitment

Iniital Site Visit to establish existing conditions


Whether you need Electrical permit drawings for your new building or are looking to remodel an existing space, we can help you by preparing code compliant drawings that incorporate energy efficient lighting and other electrical systems.  We have also teamed with HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineers to provide full MEP, FP construction permit drawings.


The initial process is to determine the scope of work.  If you are interested in remodeling a space, we will visit the site to establish existing conditions.  If your project is a new building, the information you provide will be used to establish what services you will require for a permit.  Based on the information gathered, we will prepare a detailed Fee Proposal listing the services we will provide and the cost for these.  This Fee Proposal will serve as our contract to begin our work.

Final Product

Our years of experience in providing Construction Permit Drawings to Architects, Contractors, Owners, etc. will be used in providing you with our professional services.  Our goal is to get the drawings thru the permitting process the first time so you can get started with the work!